Series Restorations

Series 1

A 1957 Land Rover Series 1 88 inch, purchased in New Hampshire. The vehicle underwent a total frame off restoration

Series 2A

Two 1964 Series 2 A 109 inch Land Rovers were originally purchased in Vermont. The best parts from both vehicles were combined and supplemented to produce the final product

Series 3

This 1973 Land Rover series 3 88 inch was found on an old farm in Vermont in very poor condition

Defender 90

This 1997 Land Rover Defender 90 was purchased new by Jim Macri.  It's original AA yellow color was changed to green as part of a major frame off restoration in 2005

1948 Series 1

High Meadow Farm Rovers has acquired and meticulously restored a 1948 Series 1, 80 inch carrying serial numbers identifying it as the 149th vehicle manufactured by the newly established Land Rover company.  This vehicle was manufactured in September of 1948 and immediately delivered to the British Ministry of Agriculture.  

1947 Prototype

High Meadow Farm's replication of the 1947 Land Rover Prototype vehicle is the most accurate existing representation of that iconic vehicle.  It's center steering mechanism, so unique to this vehicle, has been meticulously recreated.  Many details of the vehicle have been handcrafted after literally thousands of hours of analysis of every known photograph of the original prototype.  

Land Rover Series Restorations