High Meadow Farm Rovers

The Premiere Collection of Vintage Land Rovers in the United States

High Meadow Farm Rovers have recently added to their collection a magnificent 1947 Rover P2 12 touring car.  While this beautiful luxury vehicle might not at first seem to fit in with the collection of vintage Land Rovers at High Meadow Farm Rovers, the opposite is true. The P2 engine found in this vehicle is the same used by Rover engineers in 1947 to construct the very first Land Rover Centre Steer Prototype.  The continuity is perfect.

High Meadow Farm Rovers plans to completely restore this already beautiful vehicle to Concours level perfection.  Hopefully you will see it in Concours competition in the spring of 2019. 

About High Meadow Farm Rovers

Who Are We?

High Meadow Farm Rovers is the premier collection of Vintage Land Rovers in the United States.  From left to right Jim Macri owner, Dana Earthrowl chief technician and Jacob Parent assistant.

All of us at High Meadow Farm Rovers have a singular and fundamental love of Land Rovers.  Our mission is to bring each of our vehicles back to its original and pristine condition.  We do not do this for financial return.  Our motivation is our love of these vehicles and our desire to have others share in the beauty and utility of this iconic brand.  

New to Our Fleet

In 2017 High Meadow Farm Rovers added two vehicles to its collection. The first is an absolutely correct replica of the 1947 Land Rover Centre Steer prototype. The second vehicle is a 1948 series 1, 80 inch Land Rover carrying identification numbers indicating it to be the 149th land rover off the assembly line

Also Coming Soon

2018 will see two additional vintage rovers added to the High Meadow Farm collection.  The first will be a 1951 Series 1, 80 inch while the second will be a 1959 Series 2, 88 inch.