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1947 Rover P2 12 Sport Touring Car

High Meadow Farm Rovers has now completed a total frame-off restoration of the 1947 Rover P2 12 Sport Touring Car.  This remarkably rare and beautiful vehicle is now restored to its original pristine condition.  200 of these vehicles were manufactured in 1947 and it is believed that only 30 remain today.  High Meadow Farm Rovers is delighted to be in possession of this new member of our collection.  

In Concours d'elegance competition, at the 2019 British Invasion Car Show, this vehicle not only won its touring car division, but took Best In Show in head to head competition with over 700 cars.  

1951 Land Rover Series I

Some years ago, High Meadow Farm Rovers acquired a 1951 Land Rover Series I 80 inch.  Our original intention was to restore this vehicle to competition level.  As work began on the vehicle, it was noticed that it was virtually rust free, having spent most of its life in the New Mexico desert.  On that basis we elected not to restore, but rather to preserve this very interesting vehicle.  

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Who Are We?

High Meadow Farm Rovers is the premier collection of Vintage Land Rovers in the United States.  From left to right Jim Macri owner, Dana Earthrowl chief technician and Jacob Parent assistant.

All of us at High Meadow Farm Rovers have a singular and fundamental love of Land Rovers.  Our mission is to bring each of our vehicles back to its original and pristine condition.  We do not do this for financial return.  Our motivation is our love of these vehicles and our desire to have others share in the beauty and utility of this iconic brand.